Micron 9200 ECO 11TB NVME U.2 SSD


Build a foundation of agility and efficiency for your data center with Micron 9200 SSDs with NVMe – the largest-capacity high-performance Micron enterprise NVMe SSDs to-date.



Meet the demands of your biggest enterprise workloads head-on with the Micron 9200 series of NVMe™ SSDs, and enable true enterprise storage innovation. With blazing fast performance and low latency, combined with terabytes of storage, the Micron 9200 SSD enables faster analysis and decision making based on ever-growing data sets. The Micron 9200’s innovative architecture combines the performance advantages of NVMe technology with the cost efficiency and reliability of high-density 3D NAND storage.


  • Flex Capacity
  • End-to-end enterprise data path protection
  • Power-loss protection
  • Secure signed firmware
  • Storage Executive SSD management
  • XPERT features
  • High performance
  • Low latency
  • NVM Express® industry-standard


  • Capacity¹: 11TB
  • Sequential reads (GB/s)²: 3,5
  • Sequential writes (GB/s)²: 3,5
  • Random reads (IOPS)³: 840K
  • Random writes (IOPS)³: 130K
  • Endurance (Total Bytes Written in TB): 16,1
  • Interface: PCIe x4 Gen3 NVMe
  • Form factor: U.2
  • NAND: Micron 3D TLC NAND
  • MTTF: 2 million device hours

1. Unformatted. 1GB = 1 billion bytes. Formatted capacity is less.
2. Sequential read/write @ 128KB.
3. Random read/write @ 4KB.

What’s In The Box:

  • Micron 9200 ECO 11TB NVME U.2 2.5″ SSD x1

* No hardware, software or system can provide absolute security under all conditions. Micron assumes no liability for lost, stolen or corrupted data arising from the use of any Micron products, including those products that incorporate any of the mentioned security features.